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Template:Toc rightThis page is a portal to WWEWiki policies and policy related articles. Accepted policies, policy proposals, and policy revisions will be listed and/or announced here. Discussions on particular policies should be made on the discussion page of the policy in question.

List of Accepted Policies Edit

Administrative Policies Edit

Policies that relate to how the wiki is organized, admins are governed, and the definition of admin duties.

Content Policies Edit

Policies that clarify or describe content appropriate for this wiki.

Editing/Formatting Policies Edit

Policies that relate to the formatting and editing of articles.

Conduct/Conflict Resolution Policies Edit

  • Consensus policy: Details how important decisions are made involving lots of people.

Miscellaneous Policies Edit

Policies that don't fit in any of the other categories

  • WWE disambiguation: Details how title content articles are to be named and disambiguated.

List of Policy/Formatting Proposals Edit

How to Propose a Change Edit

Contact a bureaucrat via their talk page or via their WWE Central inbox to propose a new policy or a change to an existing policy. The bureaucrats will then take appropriate action.

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